A Few Words About Us:

Castaway Advertising LLC

Castaway mini cards unlock the ever-growing visitor market for advertisers through our extensive distribution network at hotels, airports, malls and free zones.

Castaway mini cards are often the first point of contact between visitor and advertiser, or may reinforce or remind visitors about a product, service or activity they may have heard about.

Our Idea

We are the only company in the UAE that has established an exclusive relationship with almost 300 Hotels, Malls, Airports, and more.

Our mini cards are designed in a pocket-size format so that they can be retained by visitors.

This unique media platform assists our hotel partners to provide key visitor information to their hotel guests and improve their stay.

It provides the tourists with great offers, discounts, accessibility and opportunities to explore different avenues during their trip to the UAE

And it gives our valued clients a direct point of contact to reach their target audience at a cost-effective price that provides high visibility and creates brand recognition.

How It Works

Castaway’s strategically placed displays make up our distribution network of almost 300 display stands across the UAE.  Castaway showcases some of the best brands and products to the visitor market.

Visitors browse the displays looking for things that interest them or activities they would like to do while in the UAE.  With handy contact details and basic information to hand in the convenient pocket sized mini card, the chances are significantly increased that the visitors will make a decision to buy.