Experience a Different Dubai

Get a glimpse of the bird’s eye view into the heart of the desert with its uninterrupted desert vistas and rolling red dunes.

Rising early for a sunrise flight affords us breathtaking views as we watch the sun creep over the horizon creating spectacular visual images over the dunes below.

The cool and serene morning ambience adds to the experience as we float along the air currents to where ever they may take us.

We will pick you up from one of our meeting points and transfer you out to the desert, where you’ll enjoy a one hour flight floating across the dunes while the sun rises up to greet us. Once we’ve touched down, enjoyed some cold refreshments and you have collected your flight certificate from the pilot, we head back into town where you will be dropped off and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.

We may encounter wandering camels, spot gazelles and oryx that roam the conservation area, or maybe even meet up with falconers or farmers as we land so don’t forget your cameras!

Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

Brilliant as a family adventure and convenient for those who have visitors to entertain.

Gift Vouchers are available and the experience leaves those who’ve joined us with memories that they can take with them forever.

* All flights are weather permitting

** Recommended for children age 7 years and upwards.


Telephone: +9714-285-4949    |     Email: info@ballooning.ae