A souq like no other

wasl district is a redevelopment of the site that hosted the first modern hospital in the Emirate and stands as a proud tribute to the Emirate’s heritage and progress.

As the focal point of the district is the souq, containing retail units in a traditional architecture. This concept – to evoke the spirit of Dubai via a passion for architecture and a careful selection of retailers – is unique within the Emirate and heralds a new style of development.

The souq has five major shopping quadrants, Oud, Talli, Zaffaran, Amber and Lulu, with shops that sell items unique to the culture and heritage of Dubai – with a passion for authenticity that sees every item displayed in the traditional way. Each quadrant with its unique central courtyards contains a full spectrum of retail options – making the district the first choice for both locals and tourists seeking traditional Emirati ambience.

You can find both heritage and modern items such as carpets, antiques, furniture, perfumes, spices, musical instruments. As well as modern day products such as electronics, fashion and jewelry. Come over to wasl district and truly discover a souq like no other.


Weekdays: 10AM – 10PM (Sat – Wed)
Weekends: 10AM – 12AM (Thu – Fri)

F&B Timings:

Weekdays: Iftar – 1AM (Sat – Wed)
Weekends: Iftar – 2AM (Thu – Fri)

Download the wasl retail App for a quick tour.


Telephone: 800wasl    |     Website: http://wasldistrict.wasl.ae